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Ready for a change? Looking for a life coach?


As a Martha Beck certified life coach based on Cape Town, South Africa, I work with men and women who others believe have super powers  – super competent, super responsible and super together. But what no one knows is that they often feel small, overwhelmed and even exhausted by life. They know something has to change, yet they are unsure what the best next step is …and this is where they get stuck, like a “rabbit in the headlight“.

Sometimes, these super men and women are tested beyond their capabilities – like when they lose a loved one or something that is very important to them. I help them find their balance and create a wholehearted life.

I can help you listen to your Heart Song and rise above your fears to make new choices towards a happier life.

During one on one sessions or in seminars, clients learn how to apply a variety of life coaching tools and become their own life coach, helping them to create a more delicious and happy life.

 Curious but unsure if this is for you? Book a free 60 minute discovery call today!

During a  ‘discovery’ coaching session you can ask all of your questions – about life coaching and about me and I will coach you on an issue so that you can 1) discover what life coaching is and if it is something for you, and 2) whether we would be a good match.

In the meantime:

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Kerstin Waddell is a certified Martha Beck life coach based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Kerstin Waddell is not a licensed health professional and you will not be able to claim coaching session fees back from your medical aid. Kerstin adheres to the code of ethics for Martha Beck coaches.


Kerstin is gentle, compassionate, intuitive and insightful – a mixture of qualities that help to make her the excellent coach that she is. She brings to her coaching sessions a magical combination of head and heart that allows for real change, really quickly. I have worked with Kerstin for some time now, and the more I get to know her, the more I get to love her. You will too.
Life Lessons for the Adult Child

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