Be Happy at Work

Be Happy at Work: Core Values and Goals HAPPINESS = Living a Rich, Full & Meaningful Life.

The core values informing all Be Happy Workshops and individual life coaching for the workplace is Wellness and Self Care. It’s based on the simple belief that

a happy employee = a happy team = a happy workplace – which in the end will also benefit the company.

Win win. 

Happiness is not defined as feeling happy all the time. This would be an unrealistic goal. We are human and this means that all of us will experience a range of emotions at some point or another . Rather, I use Dr Russ Harris’ definition of Happy: Happiness is… living a Rich, Full, and Meaningful Life in which we feel the full range of emotions.

So, the focus of all Be Happy life coaching and workshops for the workplace is on supporting employees and leaders to create such a life for themselves within the context of their work and beyond.

Menu: Be Happy Workshops

Creative Grief Support

I offer two types of workshops focusing on loss (from death to divorce and illnesses), aimed at different people within the workplace:

  • Grief Support for Dummies – Do’s and Dont’s for those working with someone who has experienced a traumatic loss (90 minutes)
  • Making new meaning after loss and live wholeheartedly (full day)

For more information follow this link.

Burnout Prevention

The opposite of  to living a full, meaningful and rich life and being happy is being or heading for burnout. I offer two workshops to address this serious and growing issue:

  • How to prevent burnout (full day)
  • How to lead a burnout free team (2 hours)

Read more about the workshops.

Team Building or Retreat fun

  • Spoon Bending – effortless effort within a team (1/2 day)

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