Burnout Prevention at Work

Workplace Burnout Preveashes on keyboardntion

If happiness means living a full, meaningful and rich life, then heading for burnout is the opposite. What can your company do to prevent employee burnout?

A recent survey shows that a growing number of working South Africans are choosing not to take their annual leave (due to their financial challenges) and giving up on all important rest (Ipsos Global and Reuters study). Statistics South Africa showed that employee absenteeism costs the South African economy between R12 billion and 16 billion annually and a large portion of which can be attributed to workplace stress, burn-out and employee ill health (Source: Dec 2014, SABC).

Be Happy offers two workshops aimed to help companies 1) create an environment that prevents burnout, as well as 2) support employees who find themselves in the vicious cycle of burnout:

first aid 2FIRST AID FOR BURNOUT PREVENTION: How to prevent and recover burnout (full day)

first aid 2LEADING A BURNOUT FREE TEAM:  (2 hours)

Follow this link to download a free three part Burnout Recovery & Prevention ebook – focusing on the first steps to well being, namely supporting your body to recover.