Creative Grief Support at Work

grief support group 2Creative Grief Support Workshops

Nothing knocks the meaning out of your being like losing someone or something close to us. Loss does not only have to mean the death of a loved one. Lossegriefs that can shake up our worlds include events such as divorce, immigration resulting in the loss of a country and home, change in jobs or careers, or chronic illness or physical disability. These kinds of losses can shatter us to the bone, making us feel disorientated and dazed. This is normal. What makes grief unbearable is when we get stuck of frozen and unable to integrate this new reality.

I offer two types of workshops focusing on loss, aimed at different people within the workplace:

1healing a broken heart01 Grief Support 

The Do’s and Dont’s for those working with someone who has experienced loss – for managers and colleagues of grieving staff (90 minutes).

The workshop can be tailored to address the special needs of managers as they seek to balance the work requirements with the needs of a grieving staff. The complex issue of loss in the workplace will be explored, while developing effective and concrete tools to help you provide leadership in a time of great sadness and stress. You will enhance your knowledge of the
nature of grief and its specific challenges within a work environment, learn from your colleagues in othermanagerial roles and explore the importance of self-care for your staff and for yourself.

Mahealing a broken heartking new meaning after loss and live wholeheartedly

Support for those who feel stuck, overwhelmed by their loss or losses (full day). For some people returning to the workplace is an overwhelming burden on them in addition to their grief. They may need extra time off. Once back at work, some workers experience reduced work performance caused by lack of concentration and memory; tiredness from emotion and sleepless nights; feelings of depression; reduced patience and short temper. Furthermore, grieving workers may also worry they have or will develop a reputation for wasting time, taking too much sick leave, being bad tempered, unreliable, unstable or receiving special treatment. Grieving workers often worry that they will lose their job from reduced work performance or because of extra time taken from work. They may be tempted to resign for fear of failure or to reduce the dual stressors of work and bereavement following the loss. This interactive workshop uses artmaking as a tool to help participants access their inner resourcefulness, wisdom and help them find new meaning.

healing a broken heart Grief Support Group

Humans were designed to grieve in compassionate community. I would be happy to facilitate a grief support group within your company for those who have lost someone of something dear to them (monthly, 2 hours each).