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for your next team meeting or annual strategic planning retreat?


Spoon Bending Workshop 

In a fun filled, inspiring, practical two hour workshop you and your team can

  • Learn how to bend a spoon – yes, with your hands but with a change in mindset accessing effortless effort
  • Discover where, how and when we make life more difficult for ourselves.
  • Discover how you can work more efficiently and effectively as a team.
  • Experience the power of the group.
  • Learn how to apply the spoon bending attitude to all sorts of challenges at work – and in life in general.


What Corporate teams had to say about this workshop:imagination

  • “What is liked most was how you demonstrated the power our brain – mind over matter. I don’t think we appreciate that very much or take it into account to often. We apply physical strength and power to things that we should really just, first take a  moment to asses before we react.”
  • “The workshop showed me a completely different perspective and way of being…less drive, more thrive, more egg, less sperm. I have applied the spoon bending principles of an awareness of being “softer”, living with greater integrity and the importance of setting a clear intention.” 
  • “I loved that I was able to bend a spoon without force. When I have really hard tasks I find that I am still pushing myself, especially when I’m pressured,  and then I just let go! And think about how it felt when I could bend the spoon effortlessly without trying.I get much more done this way.”
  • “I would definitely recommend my colleagues, friends and family to attend a workshop as it have inspired and motivated me beyond my ability. It is a game changer. ”

I will meet with the team leaders to discuss the workshop outline and outcomes with them and to gather some background information on the team so that it is tailored more specifically to the team and company.