Welcome to Be Happy Life Coaching

Ready for a change? Looking for a life coach?

Hi! I’m Kerstin Waddell.

As Martha Beck certified life coach based in Cape Town, South Africa, I work with men and women across the globe on a variety of life’s challenges:

I’m guessing that you’re ready for change and that it’s time to find a new way. A better way. Your way.

I see my role as life coach to be more like a Wayfinder. According to Martha Beck, “the job of a Wayfinder, whether an ancient oracle or a modern scientific theorist, is to reach beyond current human knowledge into the realm of the unimagined and bring back something true and useful.”

I work on multiple levels with my clients:  not only do I coach clients to explore their outer and their inner worlds, I also work with them energetically – exploring and collaborating with the subtle dimensions and higher fields of consciousness.

Not in Cape Town? Not a problem, I coach people in person and over Skype.

Interested to find out more? Email me to set up a 15 min free discovery chat today.

I can help you listen to your Heart Song and rise above your fears to make new choices towards a happier life.

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