Awakening support

Awakening Support through the Evolution of our Search for Happiness

As we evolve and grow, we awaken and become more and more conscious. This is also reflected in our search for happiness. I provide support to those who are seeking happiness throughout the various stages of awakening.

Awakening is simply a natural process, just like the caterpillar that awakens as the butterfly. However, aspects of this process can be difficult and confusing, and finding the right guide to walk alongside you can be really helpful.

As you know, life is not a neat and tidy linear process, there are no rules and everyone’s process is individual and perfect. With that in mind, I share very briefly described stages of awakening as loose guidelines just to help you to orientate yourself a little.

Awakening Stages

Stage 1: False Self

Generally we are driven by our needs for survival and our aversion to suffering and attachment to pleasure in the external world, which creates the belief that we can find our happiness in the external world.  We subscribe to the the cultural norms and rules and believe that “I’ll be happy when… I graduate from school, am the CEO of a successful company, when I am married and have 2.5 kids, a house with a picket fence, when I can travel the world, when I am rich,…”

From this perspective, we believe that the solution to our suffering is just around the corner. And when we achieve these  wishes, we are happy but only temporarily, seeking the next achievement to fulfil us. And so it goes on and on until…

Stage 2: Questioning

Until we start to question our lives, our culture, our identity , etc. This questioning can be a natural progression (through for example a coaching process) or it can arise from an external crisis, expected change or opportunity. Often our bodies push us to question what we consume and how we live our lives through illnesses or dis-ease.

We realize that we cannot find our happiness through the usual, ‘normal’ avenues and that it is necessary to find another way. As we ask meaningful questions – such as Who am I and Why am I here – we continue to live our lives half heartedly in the usual, expected way.  We may become aware of the hamster wheel and the golden cages are trapped in but do not yet know how – or are too scared – to escape from them.

Stage 3: Introspection

As the outside world no longer satisfies our need and search for happiness, we start to go within but we don’t yet know how to find it within. It is during this important stage that most of my clients seek some support through way showing/life coaching.

This is when we start the big process of disentangling ourselves from limiting beliefs and social programming and start to make some changes to our lives so that we are more and more aligned in terms of what we think, feel and do. We may change our diet or start a meditation practice.

This stage can feel like you’re swinging on a pendulum – swinging between resistance and letting go, clarity and confusion, faith and doubt. As you are still learning to trust your higher inner guidance, it is very likely that you may feel alone and question the choices you have made to get here, feeling like you’re drifting in the no-mans land – neither fully awake nor fully asleep.

Stage 4: Resolution

During  this stage, the pendulum swings cease as you find equilibrium. You no longer give much thought to happiness because you no longer need anything to make you happy. You have realized that the secret to happiness is living in the moment and it is now easy to be present at all times. You no longer see yourself as a victim of circumstances and work with every experience to further grow and evolve.

Stage 5: Conscious Creation

During this stage you learn to become a conscious co-creator of your reality. By now you truly understand that everything is interconnected. Recognising that we’re all one, you don’t focus on only finding your happiness and  co-create happiness for all.

Even though I have listed stages and steps, there really is no end destination, no finishing line in this awakening journey. We spiral around to our familiar challenges and each time with a new level of insight and another perspective. There is no end as we are eternal beings in the ebb and flow of expansion and contraction.

Awakening Support

Deep Dive Coaching Programme

The Deep Dive Coaching Programme is a 12 session structured one-on-one process through which you will be guided to explore some key questions which are common along the Awakening Journey: Who Am I, Who Am I not, What am I, How do I serve/What is my purpose. Sessions are offered every two weeks, allowing participants to complete specific tasks related to the session focus. Coach and client interaction is key to ensure that the process meets the individual’s needs.

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