Investment Options

How many session do you need?

As with any investment, high returns depend on several factors – not only my guidance, but also how you show up (ready for change and ‘willing to do the work’) and how often.

Coaching can be a fast and effective process. Most likely you may find a sense of relief or insights after one or two sessions. However, there is a danger that you may fall into a habit of only seeking coaching in a crisis and for the relief rather than committing to a longer process which will provide you with the ability to become your own coach and create real change.

It is up to you. As they say, there is no wrong choice here. As they say, “many roads lead to Rome” and you will find what works for you.

Ask yourself, how long have you been struggling with this challenge? Do you think you only need a small tweak, or is this a more ingrained aspect you wish to work with? What kind of support do you need – short or long term?

Investment Options

  • Single Session: R750

This is for you if you’re not yet sure that coaching is for you or you are one of my existing clients who just needs a check in or top up session.

  • Package of Sessions:

The packages are for you if you see the value of regular support and wish to commit to yourself and to this process more fully.

The consistency of regular sessions (either weekly or bi-weekly) will provide you with a reliable ‘container of support’. Just knowing it’s there can make a difference. It will also give us a chance to test your newly acquired insights and strategies across time and contexts and release any underlying blockages which may be sabotaging your efforts.

    • 4 Sessions Package: R2 600 (paid upfront, valid for 3 months only)
    • 8 Sessions Package: R4 800 (paid upfront, valid for 6 months only)

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