Is Be Happy for you?

Be Happy Life Coaching can offer you

  • A safe, supportive, comfortable, non-judgemental, kind space to be yourself just as you are.
  • A space to learn how to stop the obsessions and distractions which keep us stuck and discover higher and different freeing perspectives.
  • A space to face overwhelming emotions and learn how to navigate them.
  • A space to recognize patterns, loops and old programming that are ready to be released.
  • A space to face your worst, shameful parts of yourself with kindness and compassion and to release the hold they have over you.
  • A space to discover your magnificent Inner Child and wise Higher/Authentic/True Self who hold your dreams, gifts, passions, and purpose for you to rediscover.
  • A space to replace the old, worn out predictable dance steps, with new and improved moves to change your relationship patterns.
  • A space to learn how to live a more courageous, passionate heart centred life.
  • A space to reconnect to your inner HeartSong and wisdom.
  • A space to shine a light on what has remained hidden from your sight.
  • A space to discover the unseen, unconscious, unknown.
  • A space to start creating a more meaningful purpose driven life you love.

Be Happy Life Coaching is not for you if you’re looking for …

  • A psychotherapist or psychiatrist – I am not qualified to work with anyone who has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder and is seeking specialized treatment. I do work with people who, for example, feel depressed or down or anxious but not often enough to warrant the diagnosis of clinical depression, bipolar or anxiety disorder.
  • Someone who will do the work for you – I cannot carry you on your journey. You have to walk it yourself, even though I’d love to be your very enthusiastic, supportive guide.
  •  A quick fix – even though change can be quick when all things align.
  •  A space for only talk with no action.
  •  A space focused only on achieving goals without exploring patterns, habits, beliefs.
  • An ‘all knowing’ expert – even though I am a certified Martha Beck (and other certifications) life coach with many years of experience, skills and tools at my disposal, I will not be giving you answers.
  • A spiritual teacher, a Wise Woman, or Shaman – even though I have explored the worlds of science, spirituality, including meditation and shamanism, I would definitely not use these labels to describe myself.

Free 15 minute Discovery chat 

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