Care for Animal Carers

A Burnout Prevention Workshop

…specifically designed for all passionate animal carers working with all kinds of animals in all kinds of settings.

Gain important skills and strategies to help you be your best, happy, healthy version of an animal carer.







 This Care for Animal Carers Workshop is for you

  • if you’re the type of person who gives your job everything you’ve got, no matter what.
  • if you’re struggling to deal with the human aspect of your work – from colleagues to animal owners.
  • if you’re overwhelmed by the widespread need and feeling pressured to do more than you can.
  • if you’re struggling to reconcile caring for your patient,  and assisting in your patient’s death.
  • if you don’t really know how to support those grieving the loss of their beloved animal companions, or your own grief.
  • if you’re working long hours and feeling overwhelmed by the on-call stress.
  • if your dark emotions are having a negative effect on your health and relationships.
  • if you’re worried about a growing sense of hopelessness, depression, disillusionment.

If any of these apply to you, you may be heading for burnout.

What you’ll learn:

  • Signs, Effects, and Causes of Burnout
    • Learn how to identify burnout, its effects on your life and its specific causes
  • Dealing with Difficult Humans
    • Learn how to effectively respond to angry, demanding, irresponsible animal owners and other tricky situations
  • Processing Disappointments to avoid Disillusionment
    • Learn how to work with difficult emotions, helping you stay open-hearted and passionate about your work
  • Being with Death and Grief
    • Learn how to provide compassionate support to those morning the loss of their beloved animal companion, as well as to yourself.

Interested to find out more?

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