Choose from these Be Happy Workshops

1. Spoon/Mind Bendingspoon 2

Are you yearning to live a life filled with greater ease? It may be time to learn how to bend a spoon… Read more.

 2. Befriending your Dark Emotions

Ready to work with rather than push away your Dark Emotions? Find out how during this 2 1/2 hour practical workshop. Read more.

3. FiFirst Aid for Burnoutrst Aid for Burnout

Ready to pack your first aid box with tools to help you understand, recover from and prevent burnout? Read more about this six part life coaching burnout recovery and prevention course.

4. Creative Grief Support Workshops

Butterfly heart        We will use artmaking in this workshop to help you reconnect to your own creativity and resourcefulness, so that you can make new meaning and learn how to live                             wholeheartedly after loss. You  do not need to have any artmaking experience because the focus is not on creating art works but rather on the process of creating which will             help you to access your own inner wisdom, resourcefulness. Read more.