First Aid for Burnout Prevention Workshop

First Aid for BurnoutNeed some help to prevent Burnout?

Ready to pack your first aid box with tools to help you understand, recover from and prevent burnout?

This workshop is perfect for you if…

…you are moderately to completely burnt out (Not sure? Take the free burnout test.) – you’re tired, overwhelmed and stressed most of the time.

…you’re asking yourself how did I get into this mess? And why does it happen again and again?

…you’ve noticed (either yourself or through the ever increasing grumbles from family members, friends, colleagues or bosses) that your burnout is this affecting every aspect of your life.

…you’re very ready to make some necessary changes and address this pro-burnout behavioural pattern.

Workshop Content

This four part life coaching burnout recovery and prevention course will focus on:

  • Exploring the behaviour patterns that lead to burnout
  • Discovering what you can change in four areas of your life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual
  • Developing practical strategies to ensure that you don’t burn out again!


  • Understand burnout and how it affects relationships – personal and professional – and how to respond to these people
  • Learn about energy and how to manage it better
  • Learn practical strategies to help you change the burnout pattern
  • Share and learn from other participants

This workshop is not for you if…

… you’re so exhausted and physically drained, that just signing up for a workshop makes you burst into tears. This is an emergency and you need to address your physical needs first. I would recommend the ONLINE Burnout Prevention COURSE instead.

…you’re blaming others for this state and are not willing to show up for yourself in the same way you show up for others.

…you’re more comfortable to stay in the If-then trap (“If I meet this deadline, once I get this done, when I take a holiday, …then I will look after my needs/will be happy.”) than to make take responsibility and make some changes.

What past participants had to say about the workshop:

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It gave me the opportunity to take more control of my life by understanding the influences on it. Although I know it was not meant as a counseling session I certainly came out of it feeling like I had group counseling. So many aha! moments. I hope that the individual attention so valuable in this workshop can continue in future workshops.”

“The concept of a one day burnout prevention workshop was very intriguing…even at my most frantic, I cannot deny that I have enough time for a one-day workshop. I was not disappointed. Firstly, to be in the company of people who are or have suffered as I do, and to be able to put a label on it, categorise it, AND be comforted through the understanding and calm of the facilitators was already rejuvenating. The practical tips and easy-to- understand yet profound insights into behaviour and emotions, tackled through various lenses and perspectives, allowed me to easily absorb the tools. Weeks later, I can still clearly recall the key messages, and I repeat them to myself often, and am enjoying applying what I have learned step-by-step for a less stressed existence. My flame can now be rekindled…and burn-out CAN be banished.”


Saturday14 December 2019 full day workshop 10 – 17:00


R1750 pp

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The purpose of this three part resource is to help you take the first steps out of the ashes and towards health.

  • Part 1 focuses on understanding what burnout is and how it presents in your life.
  • Part 2 includes the top 10 practices you can start today to start your recovery, as well as the key factors that will affect your recovery.
  • Part 3 offers you an idea of the treatment options available to you from different health modalities.