In my latest newsletter, I suggest that the strategy of waiting may not be the best possible option – for this extended lockdown period. and for life in general. Is this a familiar strategy that you perhaps use in other areas of your life? I invite you to explore what waiting really is all about and […]

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The Unknown

It is the last day of January 2020. How was your first month of this new decade? I started mine with enthusiasm and am ending it feeling exhausted. What is going on? My problem finder/solver mind kicked into high gear, speculating and catastrophizing and wrestling with what is: How can this be? What’s wrong? Why […]

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V Frankl respond

When life gets tough

Take a deep breath. This year has been wild with many endings, shocks and sudden revelations. The world is getting more and more unpredictable and we can feel less and less in control. Like a ship without a rudder, we can feel like we’re the victims of external circumstances, the strong currents of life. Or […]

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clouds and rain

Don’t be alarmed

Don’t be alarmed by the discomfort you may be experiencing as you expand and grow. Like a limb that fell asleep, you may be experiencing some pain and tingling as the blood rushes back into the extremity. What you’re feeling may well be aspects of yourself which are reconnecting after having been forgotten. You may also […]

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I Stopped Being Sensible

Expect big shifts when following your HeartSong In September’s Happy Notes  I explored some of the things you may experience when you follow your HeartSong and live a heart-centred life. It is a big shift away from valuing knowledge, certainty, control, planning, either/or and black/white fixed statements favored by the mind, to valuing Knowing your […]

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Gratitude for Happiness

You may know that I am experimenting with maximizing gratitude and its benefits this month by shifting my coaching practice to a pay it forward model. Why? I hope that through receiving and giving, we can boost our sense of gratitude. Studies have shown that “a five-minute a daily gratitude journal can increase your long-term well-being […]

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Boy boy

Princess B, my Teacher, my Cat

Our Introduction to Animal Communication Seven months ago, our tomcat, Babylove, was unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced stage four kidney failure. We called Cat, our animal communicator friend, to communicate with him and to confirm our intuitive knowing when he was ready to be euthanized. We were devastated. A few weeks later his sister, Princess B, […]

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We’ve Lost Touch

Down to Earth Recently I watched a very interesting 15 minute YouTube documentary called “Down to Earth” about Earth’s gift of grounding to all beings (not to be confused with the movie “Down to Earth” which is also worth watching). I learnt about the science of grounding and its importance for our wellbeing (sleep, levels […]

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Living a kinder, more connected life

On my trip to Peru last year I was privileged to experience and study some of the ancient wisdom practices of the Andean Inka and pre-Inka civilizations with Don Jorge Luis Delgado. These civilizations lived in harmony with nature and others. They burst open my heart, allowing the flow of Love, Service, and Wisdom. One […]

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Time to pause, reflect and regroup

As this year slides to an end… …I invite you to breathe and pause, in spite of the sense of urgency and stress, and start to reflect on what you’d like to cultivate in your life. If your life were a garden, what seedling would you like to plant for the future? What aspects would […]

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