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Expect big shifts when following your HeartSong

In September’s Happy Notes  I explored some of the things you may experience when you follow your HeartSong and live a heart-centred life. It is a big shift away from valuing knowledge, certainty, control, planning, either/or and black/white fixed statements favored by the mind, to valuing Knowing your own truth (wisdom), whilst making space for multiple perspectives and truths, and learning to navigate the unknown to the rhythm of your HeartSong.

My personal experience

In this post, I thought of sharing some of my own personal experiences of listening to my HeartSong.

Last year my HeartSong prompted me to take a leap of faith and travel to Peru to learn more about Andean shamanic healing. It was the least sensible thing I had done since leaving my own successful research company to start life coaching almost a decade ago. And it was life changing. I learned about how to live a heart-centred life of Love, Service and Wisdom.

This year my HeartSong led me to live my wildest dream yet – to work with a person I greatly admire and to learn more on how to  consciously co-create a better world in Paris! I didn’t even know this kind of thing existed a year ago and therefore it couldn’t have been part of a 5 year life plan. While the decision to go to Paris brought up all kinds of fears, anxieties, doubts (Am I ready, how will I finance this, I’m crazy and far too off track from the sensible, socially accepted path, blah blah blah?), it was a BIG commitment to honoring my HeartSong. I worked with my Higher Mind to stay calm, tapped into my resourcefulness and creativity, and made it a reality.

The Paris experience was (again) the most incredible life changing leap I’ve taken. Well, until one month later, when my HeartSong led me to visit some sacred sites in Mpumalanga, South Africa, where I was able to apply what I had learned in Paris and Peru. This was again – yes, you guessed it – a life changing, expansive experience.

This is what can happen when you allow yourself to be guided by your Heart: you fall in love with your life, living with passion and excitement, feeling alive. My Heart is always nudging me towards experiences which will  lead to my ever-growing expansion for the greatest good – to adventures my Mind alone could never have dreamt of.

A deepening experience

This is of course a deepening journey rather than a linear one, without a final goal/destination as opportunities to expand are endless. It is also one with repeated initiations and humbling lessons with the purpose of reconnecting you to your Heart again and again to course-correct your life where necessary. This is when it is really helpful to be able to reach out to someone you trust and who supports your courageous Heart-led life. No one needs to do this on their own.

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