Life Lessons from Bending Spoons

It’s too hard.resist

It’s impossible.

I could get hurt.

I will be exposed as a failure.

I’m not good enough.

Any of these thoughts sound familiar? These were the thoughts that kept on popping into my mind before trying to bend a spoon. These are not new thoughts. They are familiar, old companions who show up when I feel pressure to perform or when I set myself a desired goal.

It’s too hard to run 21 km.

It’s impossible to pass the exam.

I could get hurt paragliding off Lion’s Head.

I will be exposed as a failure during the presentation.

I’m not good enough to reach my goals.   gentle

Today I learnt to re-connect to a gentle power that we all have and can readily access, to access “effortless effort”. It is no longer resisting, not accepting (which can still be a thought), but rather a state of wordlessness.

How does one achieve this? Simple: with an intention, one deep breath, and by letting go of the outcome. I’m okay and good enough if I run 21kms, excel at a presentation, paraglide and pass exams – OR not. Another deep breath, and I also let go of the limiting beliefs and the struggle and instead access this gentle power within, one that can “shake the world” and bend spoons.

This is what I took away from today’s spoon bending session. Yes, it’s amazing to bend a spoon and keep it as a trophy, but that’s just the evidence of something much greater:  What’s more amazing is that I can access this “Inner Spoon Bender Power” any time, any place – as long as I am aware, I can choose a gentler, more responsible and more powerful way to be in this world.


Which metaphorical spoon are you trying to bend to your will in your life? Perhaps it is time to face your challenges a new way?

Instead of the usually force trying to control the outside world, take responsibility for all the ways that you stand in your own way. Start by taking a deep breath and pause. That space without the inner critic is the place from which you can create new choices.


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One Response to Life Lessons from Bending Spoons

  1. Tamsin October 30, 2014 at 10:36 am #

    This inspires me to believe in more than what I believe in, I just need to learn how…to believe in more…my head knows more is possible, it’s the ego that trips one up it seems. Lovely article.

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