Open and Interconnected

In the August 2020 Happy Notes I explore the importance of having – and keeping – an open heart during these wild times of change. We need an open heart for so many reasons… To respond from a place of wisdom and love rather than reacting from a place of woundedness. To remember that we are all interconnected and all one. So that we can be the change we want to see in the world.


Interconnection and Oneness are, however, quite abstract concepts. Yet thanks to the global lockdown, we have all clearly seen how interconnected we all are  – not only as humans but with all beings, including our planet. No one has  been unaffected by the current pandemic. The ripples are still moving through each individual, household, community, city, country, continent. Interconnection is undeniable.


The concept of Oneness may be a bit trickier to understand – and here I mean to know through the heart and not only intellectually. I recently started to feel the truth of this concept, by taking a closer look at water, an element which makes up more than 70% of humans and is part of an eternal cycle of transformation and connection to all. To help with this, I’ve included short extract from a beautiful meditation led by Matias de Stefano (YOSOY, The Dodecahedron, 2 August 2020):

“I recognize that I am water.  I exist thanks to water.

This water has taken on my shape and holds within  everything that makes me. It contains the whole registry of my history. This water hasn’t only been inside of me but also within my whole family. The water that I am has always been water.

So I remember all the water that I have drunk. The water that I am has been part of a river, part of a lake. I recognize that it has been a part of the rain, the snow. The water within me has also been the clouds in the sky, the steam above the oceans, the water in the seas. The water within me has been part of animals and plants. Some of the water within me has flown across the Sahara desert and dropped itself into the roots of the Amazonian river. The water within me has been part of beetles and all kinds of insects and fish.

I recognize that this water has been part of the whole humanity. Even just a tiny drop of my water has been living through each of the realms of nature. The water within me has been the same water that everyone in history has drunk. I am the water that has been drunk by dinosaurs. I am part of the water of the first ever ocean, the water that nourished the first bacteria, the first cells.

I am part of each particle of hydrogen and oxygen. I am a part of the ice inside the comet that brought the water to earth. I am a part of the ice that flies in between the planets of our solar system. The water within me is also the same water found on Mars and in Pluto. I am part of the water that runs through all the galaxy and beyond floating in space.”

If taking a closer look at water helped to shift your perspective on Oneness,  I invite you to sing the ALGONQUIN WATER SONG to express loving gratitude for the water. From the perspective of oneness, you would be showing your appreciation not only for water, but all beings including yourself throughout time.

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One Response to Open and Interconnected

  1. Barbara Rausch September 1, 2020 at 1:40 pm #

    thank you
    the water that in in all of us….
    the water we all use ,we all need..
    the water so old so precious..

    the oneness we all should feel

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