We’ve Lost Touch

Down to Earth Recently I watched a very interesting 15 minute YouTube documentary called “Down to Earth” about Earth’s gift of grounding to all beings (not to be confused with the movie “Down to Earth” which is also worth watching). I learnt about the science of grounding and its importance for our wellbeing (sleep, levels […]

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Living a kinder, more connected life

On my trip to Peru last year I was privileged to experience and study some of the ancient wisdom practices of the Andean Inka and pre-Inka civilizations with Don Jorge Luis Delgado. These civilizations lived in harmony with nature and others. They burst open my heart, allowing the flow of Love, Service, and Wisdom. One […]

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Time to pause, reflect and regroup

As this year slides to an end… …I invite you to breathe and pause, in spite of the sense of urgency and stress, and start to reflect on what you’d like to cultivate in your life. If your life were a garden, what seedling would you like to plant for the future? What aspects would […]

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time warp

Time travel to a slower paced life

“I would like to spend the rest of my days in a place so silent – and working at a pace so slow – that I would be able to hear myself living.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things  The world today seems to be the direct opposite of this silent, slow-paced place […]

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If you’re waiting for a sign… this is it

I did it. I completed the 40 day Bootcamp challenge – and it was awesome! Time to celebrate! I was pretty tired by week 8 but thrilled that I had attended all 40 training days come rain or shine – or  too tired, too busy, too sore, too sickly –  and dodging the many other […]

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The Power of a Quest

Tapping into my inner WonderWoman Soon I’ll be doing something different, something that stretches me way out of my comfort zone: I have signed up for a 40 day Bootcamp challenge. I am scared, excited, worried. I have never in my life exercised 5 days a week for 8 consecutive weeks. Ahhh! What have I done?! […]

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Untitled design (1)

Making peace with difficult emotions

As some of you have experienced in the Spoon/Mind Bending Workshop, what you resist persists. That is, by pushing away difficult or dark emotions, you are ironically actually intensifying them. Declaring war on your dark emotions is not the answer. Is there another way? This is an extract from my journal demonstrating how I started […]

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you are the company you keep

The company you keep…

…influences the kind of world you’re creating. In the March 2017 Happy Notes, I shared the findings of Daniel J. Siegel, pioneer in the field called interpersonal neurobiology, highlights the role of interpersonal experiences in forging key connections in the brain (The Developing Mind), saying that “The human mind is a relational and embodied process that regulates […]

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caged dress

Untamed or crazy?

In the February 2017 Happy Notes, I explore what it may mean to live an untamed life. What have you given up on as a result of your domestication? Some of you responded, voicing a concern about the need for balance: What if untamed = crazy? It must be said that what may be crazy […]

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How to overcome meditation “stumbling but’s”

You’re interested in meditation but… …you just can’t get started? Even though you have probably read an article or two about the benefits of meditation, and you may even have seen the positive changes in a friend or colleague who started meditating, or your life coach recommended it for you, you still have not taken […]

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