Much More Metta

Illustration by  Lori Porka Invitation to Multiply Metta We can all agree that the world needs more Loving-Kindness. It would be fun to imagine that while I’m away at the meditation retreat, you too would be joining me in spirit – and millions across the globe – and multiplying Loving Kindness through your own Metta […]

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Nothing and Nowhere

Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Now that sounds blissful to me. But it was not always the case. I used o frantically, manically fill my day with lots of ‘important’ things to do: scheduling back-to-back appointments, signing up for yet another course, joining another group, checking my emails and social media incessantly, shopping for […]

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To understand is to love

“To understand is to love”

I’ve been grappling with some weird health issues for – what feels like – a looooong time. And as with anything that lingers or persists, I have to ask myself,  what am I resisting? But does one accept ill health when it feels so horrid? As mentioned in February’s Happy Notes newsletter, I believe that […]

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What you resist

Life Lessons from Bending Spoons

It’s too hard. It’s impossible. I could get hurt. I will be exposed as a failure. I’m not good enough. Any of these thoughts sound familiar? These were the thoughts that kept on popping into my mind before trying to bend a spoon. These are not new thoughts. They are familiar, old companions who show up […]

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Stoked School of Surf

Perpetually Surfing

  After many years of coaching people on how to surf their inner emotional waves, I thought it was time to learn how to surf actual waves. Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend two hours learning how to surf (thanks to the Stoked Surf School instructors) in the most gorgeous setting (Big Bay, in Cape Town, […]

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All You Need Are Bare Feet

– How to ground yourself and tap into your inner wisdom Recently I tried out Dr Joanne Cacciatore’s “Barefoot Walkabout” – a suggestion for how to stay present. She believes that when we are in the moment, we are able to notice that the world is rich with metaphors that help us deal with life in […]

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When Unconditional Love Is Harmful

Like many of us, I was brought up to be a ‘nice girl’ who should act like a saint, spend all of my time and energy looking after other’s needs and without expecting anything in return. Perhaps you can relate to this kind of upbringing, where selflessness was considered to be a desirable trait or […]

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