Princess B, my Teacher, my Cat

Our Introduction to Animal Communication

Seven months ago, our tomcat, Babylove, was unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced stage four kidney failure. We called Cat, our animal communicator friend, to communicate with him and to confirm our intuitive knowing when he was ready to be euthanized. We were devastated.

A few weeks later his sister, Princess B, started getting really sick but our dedicated vet could not figure out what was wrong. On paper she looked healthy but she stopped eating and started to fade away.  The vet gently suggested euthanasia, saying that perhaps she was grieving her brother and lost the will to live.

This time, we disagreed. Something else was going on. Cat wasn’t available and we so asked Sammy, another animal communicator (who had no knowledge of Princess B’s brother’s death) to assist us to find out what Princess B needed.

Princess B shared with  Sammy that when her brother Babylove died, she got such a fright that she (her spirit) jumped out of her body to follow him. She did not wish to return to her body because it was uncomfortable due to of all the medication we were giving her – it was “too harsh”. She did however also not wish to die because she still felt that she still had much to teach us (her humans). She specified that she would return to her physical body if we used energy healing. Specifically, we should bless her food and water (to raise the vibration), give her two healing pendants to wear around her collar, give her Reiki every day, and learn how to – and then regularly – communicate with her, just like Sammy did.

Responsibility of receiving Answers

No more meds?! We were surprised and shocked because according to the vet, the meds were keeping her “stable”. But she had got our attention and we were finally willing to really listen to her.

We had an appointment with the specialist which was set up weeks before and using animal communication Princess B let us know that she was willing to go because she felt that the visit would teach us and the vet something important. The specialist didn’t find the reason for her current state but he did say that in his opinion she was receiving a far too high dosage of the one medication and didn’t actually need the other. This supported Princess B’s own “diagnosis” of the medications being “too harsh”. It was also the confirmation we needed to start trusting our cat and her requests. We stopped giving her the medication, followed her instructions and she started eating again.

Listening with your Heart

This experience showed us the value of animal communication and so we attended a course facilitated by Sammy at Panthera Africa a big cat sanctuary in Stanford. We learnt to communicate with Sammy’s cats and dogs, as well as the majestic tigers, panthers, and white lions.

Being able to communicate with animals (and all living beings) using these skills has changed my relationship with animals, and in particular my cat. I stopped thinking that I know what is best for my cat and started shifting into a more humble mode of service – shifting away from a role of caregiver with a sense of ownership and dominance to a two way mutually respectful and caring relationship.

I am so grateful to Princess B since she is the one who continues to teach me how to listen from the heart and not the mind.

It’s been five months since her “near death experience”and Princess B’s still here teaching us every day. Her latest request is that she joins us at the office on some days. And so the adventure continues.


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2 Responses to Princess B, my Teacher, my Cat

  1. Tamsin May 18, 2019 at 9:42 am #

    Lovely article Kerstin. I always save your posts to read when I have a gap. Keep writing.


    • Kerstin May 20, 2019 at 2:50 pm #

      Thank you Tamsin, that means a lot.

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