How to overcome meditation “stumbling but’s”

You’re interested in meditation but…

…you just can’t get started? Even though you have probably read an article or two about the benefits of meditation, and you may even have seen the positive changes in a friend or colleague who started meditating, or your life coach recommended it for you, you still have not taken the first step. While you’re interested and willing to start, you know that it is not enough. What’s holding you back from doing something that will be 100% beneficial for you? I bet that you’re coming up against many “yes, buts”.

Let’s work through some of the layers of resistance. Perhaps this time you will actually start meditating?

“Yes, but… I don’t know how to meditate”.

Here are some accessible an affordable ways to learn how to meditate:

  • Find a locally run 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course in your area: e.g. Cape Town for R5200 (i.e. R650 per week investment). It is powerful to learn meditation in community and I highly recommend this non-secular introductory course.

“Yes, but…I  can’t afford it.”

Well, if that is really true, then try these options: time

“Yes, but…I don’t have time to meditate.”

For some of us we believe that we’re too busy to meditate. Yet, we manage to find time to e.g. check out what’s happening on social media, … We are addicted to busy, using it as a distraction. We have confused what’s urgent with what’s important. As Julia Cameron wrote in The Artists Way: “Do you know how old I’ll be by the time I know how to [meditate]? The same age you’ll be if you don’t.”

“Yes, but… there are always competing demands for my attention.”

Recently I joined an amazing 12 week meditation course with Craig Hamilton. He emphasises one the key criteria for setting up and maintaining a regular meditation practice, namely wholehearted commitment. What is this? It’s what you need so that you give it your all and see it through. It’s about giving yourself to and honouring your own powerful commitment and

Take 10 minwhyutes to reflect on the true significance of meditation for you:

Why does it matter if I meditate?

                What impact would meditating regularly have on my life?

                What impact would my regular practice have on those around me?

                What impact would my regular meditation practice have in the grand scheme of things?

As Craig Hamilton says, “Think of the things you could be doing instead of meditating, but you choose not to. Relax into the confidence of your own intention to align yourself with the part of yourself that wishes to meditate. ‘No I am not going to do those other things because I have a commitment, I committed to this. I’m doing this. I know I could do all these other competing demands but I’m doing this because I made a commitment to it.’  You don’t need motivation… just commitment. Just decide to meditate for a specified time per day and it’s a non-negotiable because you committed to it. It doesn’t matter if you feel motivated at all. It’s on your calendar.”

I recommend that you set a strong, wholehearted intention and then JUST DO IT. And at the beginning of each meditation, take a few moments to connect to this intention and commitment. Allow yourself to feel it and appreciate that you are making a commitment to meditating and why. It can make a significant difference not only to the regularity of your practice but also its quality.

“Yes but…”

What else is holding you back? I would love to hear from you about your perceived stumbling blocks so that we can work through them together. It most likely will also apply to others.


I am deeply invested in you starting a regular practice because I believe that this meditation practice you’re starting is important for you, for me, for humanity.

I would like to offer the space for like minded people to come together and meditate once a week for 4 weeks on a Tuesday evening from 18:30 – 20:30. I suggest that during the 2 hours session we will check in, follow a gentle guided Qi Gong movement session, meditate for 30 minutes and then share our experiences.

It is free and the intention is to help us become established in our practice and to learn from one another. Let me know if you are interested:

Be Happy!

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