The Power of a Quest

Tapping into my inner WonderWoman

Soon I’ll be doing something different, something that stretches me way out of my comfort zone: I have signed up for a 40 day Bootcamp challenge. I am scared, excited, worried. I have never in my life exercised 5 days a week for 8 consecutive weeks. Ahhh! What have I done?!

As I explained in the June Happy Notes, it’s not (only) about the many incentives and prizes. It’s about much more.

I’ve reframed the challenge as a quest.

What’s a Quest?

Quests involve some kind of pursuit of a chosen goal, often involving a physical exertion (e.g. 40 days of boot camp training, no matter what) and some kind of audience (you, dear reader) witnessing the pursuit of the goal (check out my regular Facebook updates). This quest is a way to reclaim physical agency and learning to push myself beyond labels of ‘chronic fatigue’ and ‘depression’. Other purposes of quests could be to perform it in honor of someone or something. I have chosen to honor my body, my inner and outer resources and celebrate life. Your 40 day challenge/quest could for example raise awareness on a certain issue or honor a loss or death of a loved one. The choices as endless.

As Elizabeth Lesser describes in her book “Broken Open”, “The transformational journey is a voyage with a hundred different names: the Odyssey, the Grail quest, the great initiation,  the death and rebirth process, the supreme battle, the dark night of the soul, the hero’s journey. All of these describe a process of surrendering to a time of great difficulty, allowing pain to break us open and then being reborn – stronger, wiser, and kinder.”  

While I think/hope this 40 day challenge will not be as painful as some other transformational journey’s I’ve been on, I still hope that I will learn something about myself.

I hope to find more strength and willpower as a result of reframing this challenge as a quest. I believe that when we face a challenge it is 1) easier to get through it with the support of others and 2) more significant if you give it a broader, symbolic meaning.

Will you be joining me in some form of quest? Or can you reframe a current challenge in your life as a quest?

I’d love to hear from you





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