Time to pause, reflect and regroup

As this year slides to an end…

…I invite you to breathe and pause, in spite of the sense of urgency and stress, and start to reflect on what you’d like to cultivate in your life.

If your life were a garden, what seedling would you like to plant for the future? What aspects would you continue to nurture and cultivate? What should you stop watering?  Are there any weeds you need to pull out of your belief system, and which aspects of your life are overgrown and need to be trimmed back? What manure can you transform into fertiliser? What tools do you need to help you grow a rich, meaningful crop?

What do you need to help you make the shift I mention in the December 2017 Happy Notes newsletter?

Allow these questions to percolate in your being for a while. This is something you can now already start thinking about  – and not only leave it to New Year’s Eve.

Be happy,

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