Using Disconnection to Reconnect

In the October 2020 Happy Notes newsletter I explored disconnection and the importance of (re)connection in order to feel alive.

Disconnection is a widespread condition due to conditioning. It results in denial and suppression of emotions and adds to our sense of hopelessness and powerlessness which requires more numbing and distraction – a vicious cycle. We ultimately become zombies – the walking dead – stuck in loops of repetitive behaviors and a world that doesn’t change.

How to reconnect?

Step one:

The first step to reconnection is awareness. How are you numbing yourself? What are you consuming that’s switching you off? What is the effect/cost of disconnection on your quality of life?

Step two:

You can use disconnection as a signpost or tool to see what’s going on within you. Ask yourself: From what have I been trying to disconnect or avoid? For example, to what horrors in this world have I closed my eyes? And how does this correlate to my inner world?


  • If I have been ignoring the pollution of our planet, for example, have you also ignored pollution of your body?
  • If you’ve just not been able to face the horrors of human trafficking and child abuse, have you ignored the violation of your inner child? What aspect of yourself have you violated/abused/rejected/forced into something?

Step three:

Now you can commit to making some changes in your own life that address the issues I have been ignoring. For example:

  • Changing one thing in my diet to start to support my body to clean up the pollution.
  • Acknowledging the needs and wellbeing of your inner child.

Through this process you will not only reconnect more and more but also feel more empowered – and come alive again.

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