I feel like a Lottery Winner – would you like to join me?

lotteryIn the April 2016 Happy Notes, I shared one of the Three Adjustments I recently made, in order to feel like a Lottery (of Life) Winner. None of these ideas are new and they are available to all of us. But I think I finally got it and hope you will too. In summary Adjustment #1 is zoom out of the details of what’s not working and widen your perspective to a expansive, bigger picture experience of life.

Here are the other Two Adjustments I made:

Adjustment #2: As part of the bigger picture change of perspective, I also let go of thinking of my life in terms of categories (including home, work, family, relationships etc.), choosing to experience life through a much more fluid and category-free filter. For example, I no longer put too much emphasis on the distinction between work/life/play. I see myself as a person who intends to add light and love to the world, and without the category ‘work’, I can now fulfill my intention/purpose in the smallest moments, throughout my day – i.e. not only at work.

Have I made the most of my gifts today? This important check-in question often left me feeling underutilised and dissatisfied. However, with a more fRelaxluid perspective,  I now recognise that all my efforts to add light and love – whether they are big and small gestures/actions/thoughts – are equally important, no matter whether they fall within the official ‘life coaching’/work category or in between (like greeting people on my way to gym). And they all add up. So, with this small adjustment, I feel successful and satisfied. Life is bringing me endless opportunities to share my gifts in many variations and I don’t have to discount them just because they don’t fall within the work category (a space which I previously reserved for ‘fulfilling my purpose’).

Adjustment #3: Finally, I am also more aware of the many subtle and more direct help/guidance/support I have received from all kinds of sources: people and events. Looking back I am grateful to all synchronicities. It is quite magical. Even though my life is not perfect, I feel lucky, guided, loved – as though I have already won the Lottery of Life. Now, I can relax and let it all unfold.

The Three Adjustments allow me to really feel what Bryon Katie means when she said, “It is not happening to me, but for me.”

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with playing around with perceptions.

Be Happy,



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2 Responses to I feel like a Lottery Winner – would you like to join me?

  1. Barbara April 1, 2016 at 3:11 pm #

    It sounds very easy,but one has to be aware of the many mental barriers ,like fear that pop up out of nowhere….

    • Kerstin April 4, 2016 at 8:29 am #

      I agree, it is simple yet not necessarily easy to make or stick to the adjustments. Mental and emotional barriers are indeed a challenge to be aware of – especially the one’s that catch you off guard. Holding on to the adjustment of a wider perspective may be particularly useful when feeling intense emotions – to be firm with yourself and pull back so that you can see the whole doughnut (life) and not only it’s hole (suffering). I also find “Not Always So” an helpful mantra. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you.

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