Feeling anxious?

If you’re feeling anxious, unable to focus and/ or are struggling to sleep

  • Ground yourself. Try a lovely 20 minute guided meditation which invites you to imagine yourself becoming a tree, anchoring yourself into the supportive, loving Earth. Why not try a chakra cleanse?



  • Sit in the sun for 20 minutes a day for your daily dose of Vitamin D.


  • BREATHE. Just breathe deeply into your stomach – at least three times. Try some breathing exercises for anxiety. Try the very powerful WimHoff breathing method.



  • Be creative. Draw, dance, craft, knit, crochet, …  It is a very effective way to switch off your fight or flight mode and to relax, be playful, and use the right hemisphere of your brain, which is so much more expansive. If you don’t see yourself as creative, try coloring in mandalas. Here are some downloadable a templates.


  • Soothe yourself. Take a relaxing bath or try using the ancient wisdom of Eastern energy healing medicine called Jin Shin Jyutsu. Simply by holding your thumb with the fingers of your other hand, you can quickly reduce the intensity of any emotion (follow link for instructions).


  • Meditate. Beginner? There are many helpful apps to get to started – like for example, Headspace, etc. You may also find some tips to overcome any ‘yes, but’s’ you may encounter here.


  • Move your body. Walk, run- and if you can’t get outside, dance to your favorite uplifting music, stretch, yoga. There are also many 30 minute functional, no equipment exercise routines available on YouTube. I personally love doing Qigong in my PJs which also helps to ground and centre me.


  • Read or listen to something inspiring – a podcast, a book, … Enjoy exploring. I personally love On Being (podcast) and Brain Pickings (blog) and anything by Dr Joe Dispenza and Pema Chondron (YouTube). This is the perfect time to explore what resonates with you.


  • Learn more about something you are curious about. There are many different, affordable online courses available. Udemy is a great start for affordable on-demand courses.



  • Keep it light. Have some fun. Laugh. Watch a comedy, laugh with yourself. I recommend followinganything light like kittens and puppies and pictures of nature on social media rather than news, particularly fake news. I am keeping it very light and all I can watch is the Netflix animation Dragon Prince, which is filled with delightful magic and goodness.