Adult Child 101 Growth Tools

Adult Child 101 Growth Tools

Based on my many years of coaching adult children as well as my coach training and ongoing mentoring with Judy Klipin (author of “Recover from your Childhood: Life Lessons for the Adult Child”), I have developed a introductory online course for people who resonate with being an adult child and who wish to learn some foundational tools and strategies to help you how you related to the world.



What I hope you will learn and experience:

  1. Identify some of the key limiting beliefs common among adult children
  2. Understand what it means to be “other-centred” and how this is affecting your choices
  3. Learn some practical tools on how to shift out of being “other-centred” and find greater freedom

This email based course is designed for

  • those of us who do not have the time to attend a workshop or coaching sessions: As an email based course, you will receive weekly emails with bite size chunks, that are practical, as well as opportunities to share and interact your experiences – but with no obligation.
  • are curious about adult child self development but you’re not 100% sure if this is what you need: This course offers you a gentle introduction and a good start to something you can decide is or is not for you.
  • cannot not afford personal coaching sessions at this time but still wish to learn new skills and work towards cultivating your own happiness: This course will provide you with information, exercises and an opportunity to interact with me, your personal coach, via email.


Four week email based course: R750 or $50 payable via EFT or Paypal.

Find out more by contact me.