Burnout Prevention 101

Burnout Prevention 101This course is not for you if…
… you’re so exhausted and physically drained, that just signing up for a course makes you burst into tears. This is an emergency and you need to address your physical needs first.
…you’re blaming others for this state and are not willing to show up for yourself in the same way you show up for others.
…you’re more comfortable to stay in the If-then trap (“If I meet this deadline, once I get this done, when I take a holiday, …then I will look after my needs/will be happy.”) than to make take responsibility and make some changes.

This online course is perfect for you if…
…you are moderately to completely burnt out (Not sure? Take the free burnout test.) – you’re tired, overwhelmed and stressed most of the time.
…you’re asking yourself how did I get into this mess? And why does it happen again and again?
…you’ve noticed (either yourself or through the ever increasing grumbles from family members, friends, colleagues or bosses) that your burnout is this affecting every aspect of your life.
…you’re very ready to make some necessary changes and address this pro-burnout behavioural pattern.
Ready to pack your first aid box with tools to help you understand, recover from and prevent burnout?
Course Content
This five part life coaching burnout recovery and prevention course will focus on:

  • ICU for Burnout: Understand burnout and how it affects relationships – personal and professional;
  • Burnout Prevention First Aid Kit: Discover why you tend to find yourself so exhausted and practical steps to help you make new choices for your well being; Learn about energy and how to manage it better; Learn practical strategies to help you change the burnout pattern.
  • Burnout Prevention Check Ups: Benefit from bi-weekly email reminders and access to interesting articles and talks that will keep you motivated to change your habits and prevent future burnout.

Worried it will be too much?
This course is designed with someone like you in mind…
…someone like you, who just never signed up for a course of never completed a course because you don’t have any spare time and can barely cope with the workload you already have.
…someone like you, who works long hours and whose home life is busy too.
…someone like you, who knows you can’t go on like this or you will implode or explode soon.

This course combines the best of both worlds: the in-person workshop experience whereby you have a chance to interact with other participants, as well as with me, the facilitator; combined with the online advantage of working at your own pace in your PJs, if you so desire. I will also act as your accountability partner to help you to show up for yourself and complete the course.

Cost: R750 or $50 payable via EFT or Paypal.


Next start date for 4 week course: 4 November 2019 and 2 December 2019

Sign up today and end this cycle of exhaustion by contacting me today.