Self Compassion 101

Self Compassion 101Self Compassion 101 – befriending your inner critic

Dozens of other experts believe cultivating self compassion is a corner stone to building a happy life.

WHY? If you don’t have compassion for yourself, you most likely judge yourself harshly, allowing your inner critic to rule you like a dictator. This may set off a cycle of alternating between living life under the hard, merciless drive of your inner dictator and the self indulgence and procrastination of your inner rebel child. Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Are you stuck in a cycle of self sabotage? Are you driving yourself into the ground?

Can you imagine a life in which you are your own best friend – an inner dialogue with kind and encouraging words, motivating you to do better because it is good for you, and not because you fear something? Whereby you no longer need to rebel against your own goals? Where you spend more time in a calm state?

Based on the latest research, lessons and readings from all key experts in the field of psychology, Buddhism, and coaching, this four part Self compassion 101 course will provide you with a useful introduction to self compassion. In order to achieve this new way of living – thriving not only surviving – we will explore what is driving you, why and how to change gears. The course will also help you start a new habit and take the first few steps towards this new experience of self compassion. The beginning of ‘ending the war’ with yourself.


This email based course is designed for those of us who

  • do not have the time to attend a workshop or coaching sessions: As an email based course, you will receive weekly emails with bite size chunks, that are practical, as well as opportunities to share and interact your experiences – but with no obligation.
  • are curious about self compassion but not 100% sure if this is what you need: This course offers you a gentle introduction and a good start to something you can decide is or is not for you.
  • cannot not afford personal coaching sessions at this time but still wish to learn new skills and work towards cultivating your own happiness: This course will provide you with information, exercises and an opportunity to interact with me, your personal coach, via email.

What I hope you will learn and experience:

  1. Get to know your inner critic – awareness is the first step to change
  2. Understanding what is driving your inner critic and its effect on you
  3. Learning more about how the body/mind connects
  4. Learning how to calm yourself – and your inner critic
  5. Understanding self compassion
  6. Starting your practice to be more self compassionate

Course outline:

  • Part 1: The Power of your Thoughts – Are you adding unnecessary suffering to your reality through common thought distortions? Spot them and learn alternative thought habits.
  • Part 2: Perfectionism – Learn more about it and why is just not sustainable, bust some perfectionism myths.
  • Part 3: The Power of Self Compassion – Find out what your personal self compassion score is, why is compassion so important.
  • Part 4: Befriending your Inner Critic – Take the first steps to a less fear-driven life.


Four week email based course: R750 or $50 payable via EFT or Paypal.


The next two 4 week course cycles start 4 November 2019 and 2 December 2019.

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