Be Happy Retreats

offer you a chance to regroup, recharge, recommit to yourself through a combination of stillness, creativity, coaching, and connection – always set in a peaceful sanctuary.

Choose one that meets your needs:


Be Wild –

Extraordinary team building experience in the bush

Take advantage of this extraordinary experience – team building set within the peaceful setting of a bush camp in a Big 5 nature reserve on the Garden Route. The programme is set in a classic eco-friendly tented camp in a protected valley blanketed in Fynbos in the heart of the game reserve. Over the 4 days, your team of 10 – 15 people will be tasked with activities which will not only shed light on their own strengths whilst encouraging collaboration (using the internationally accredited Clifton Strengths Profiling of Gallup Strengths Centre processes) but also make a valuable contribution to the conservation of our beloved bush and its wildlife.

Teams will be tasked to perform team building activities within in wildlife & veld management. On foot or in a safari vehicle in search of lions, elephant families, cheetah or gazelles they will together with your ranger team you will observe the wild animals, collect data about their feeding and mating habits, and in so doing contribute to the decision-making of the management team in promoting a healthy ecosystem in the game reserve. They  will also help to keep the reserve free from invader plants, and you will assist in guarding the highly endangered rhinos,  getting up close to these endangered animals and helping to protect them from poachers.

Participants will also learn game ranger bush skills and need to use them in the team activities, including track/spoor identification, antelope and bird identification, tree identification, map utilization (road, contour, aerial Google maps & GPS navigation) and approaching wildlife by vehicle and on foot.

Your team will leave this experience feeling like they know themselves and each other better, as well as more connected to nature and proud to have contributed to the conservation efforts.

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Reclaiming My Mojo Retreat – a holistic Mind & Stress Management Programme

Laying the foundation for a balanced, healthy stress-resilient life

This retreat (with its 5 day comprehensive and 3 day starter programme options) aims to help you revive your body, mind and heart. With the in-depth guidance of our functional medicine nutritionist, Kerry Fugard, a tailor-made health programme will be designed for your specific health needs based on the results of individualized tests. She will provide one on one support during the retreat to answer any questions.

Not only will you enjoy delicious fresh, organic, meals cooked by the team’s functional medicine chef, Jason Fugard, which will meet your specific recovery and strengthening dietary needs, but you will also learn how to cook them.

To help your body release the chronic stress of daily life, Ian Waddell will offer body treatments using kinesiology and cranial scaral therapy – deeply relaxing, non-invasive treatments which will help your body start its own healing process.

For the mind and heart, you will have enough free time to spend relaxing in the tranquil gardens, browse the interesting library, meditate in the serene hall or rest in your comfortable cottage. In additon, you will receive one on one coaching by the team’s coach, Kerstin Waddell, offering individualized stress management support, as well as attend short workshops on useful tools to help you navigate a complex, changing, demanding world.

You should leave this retreat feeling like you’ve found your Mojo and confident enough to continue the healthy practices you learned during the 5 days so that you can live your best stress resilient, healthy life.

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WTF! Retreat

Finding your feet after loss

Over this 3 day retreat, you will be gently guided through a variety of creative exercises which will help you to embody your emotions, untangle your foggy mind and tap into the vast wisdom within. You don’t have to be artistic since the creative exercises are all about the process rather than the end result and allow for a whole brained, whole being-ed response to WTF!

You should leave this retreat feeling soothed, grounded, clear and connected.

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