Full day Retreat: Relax. Receive. Reset.

Join us for a one day Holistic Stress Resilience Retreat

17 March 2018 09:30 – 17:30

Outside of Cape Town, South Africa

R2000 per person

Early bird registration discount: R1800

(book by 28 February 2018)

Bookings close 9 March 2018

Spend a full day in a tranquil setting with a small group of like-minded people and a team of passionate holistic health professionals.

This full day retreat will provide participants with key strategies to tend to their body (nutrition, body alignment treatments, gentle movement), mind (meditation, focusing and processing strategies), and heart (creative exercises for an open-hearted approach to life).


 Relax. Receive. Reset.

Be guided through a gentle introduction of key practical strategies set within the framework for Functional Medicine, which recognises the importance of 1) a holistic as well as 2) an individualistic approach to supporting you for a stress resilient life.


  • Practical stress management (heart & mind) exercises & debriefing group sessions with Be Happy life coach, Kerstin Waddell.
  • Our nutritional therapist, Kerry Fugard, will be exploring the effects of stress on the body, on how to use diet and targeted nutrients to better manage stress, reduce inflammation and increase energy through the day,  when you are on the go.
  • Enjoy a delicious healthy lunch prepared by our professional Chef, Jason Fugard.
  • Body treatment/alignment with our team’s Specialised Kinesiologist and Cranial Sacral Therapist, Ian Waddell.
  • A goodie bag to help you continue your journey towards stress resilience.
  • Yo u will leave feeling rested, inspired and ready to implement the key foundational strategies you learnt during the day.


Please email us if you’d like more information or wish to book your spot: kerstin@behappylifecoaching.co.za or Kerry@nutri-360.com



Kerry Fugard is a Nutritional therapist who aims to help the modern world men and women feel and function at their best!

Through personal and family experience with various health issues, Kerry has followed her passion to assist healing and growth through non-invasive and natural means. Whilst running counselling and support groups for severe depression and anxiety in Cape town S.A. Kerry discovered the unique and powerful effect food has on wellbeing. She went on to study Clinical nutrition, after which s

he decided to further her knowledge in nutritional science and personalised nutrition, with a focus on genetics and neurodevelopment. Having moved to Switzerland 5 years ago Kerry has set up a private practice, Nutri-360, in which she follows the principles of Functional Medicine, creating a personalised plan for the client’s individual needs. Her focus in practice is detoxification, rejuvenation, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances and digestive disorders.

With over 20 years experience, Jason Fugard has the ability to turn any meal into a culinary delight. With a passion for fresh, seasonal produce and using local as well as international cuisine as inspiration, he enjoys infusing flavours from around the world. Starting h


is career in the beautiful C.T Constantia valley, he quickly worked up the ranks to running 5 star restaurants and hotels as well as teaching at the acclaimed International hotel and culinary school. Having worked internationally in London, Melbourne the Caribbean and Spain he now works as a private chef and consultant in Geneva, Switzerland as well as on exclusive Private yachts. Jason is not new to the health industry either as he creates menus and teaches cooking for personalised and restricted dietary requirements.

Kerstin Waddell is a certified Martha Beck life coach at Be Happy Life Coaching since 2010, who is also a qualified creative grief support practitioner and an adult child coach. Through her own experiences burnout, Kerstin has searched far and wide over two decades to strengthen her own body and to continually fine tune “a happy balance”. She describes herself as a lifelong curious student and is passionate about creating a space for exchanging experiences and shared learning for those struggle with stress its many consequences (physical, relational, emotional, etc). As a life coach, Kerstin uses a combination of life coaching strategies and tools, a dash of creativity, teaching a variety of meditation approaches, reminders of the wisdom of old and current spiritual teachers, backed up by some findings from neuroscience, and a whole huge dose of humour and play. Her clients learn how to reconnect with their inner wisdom, which helps them make new choices and create a more delicious and happy life.

Ian Waddell from Personal Best works with a wide range of people (including athletes – from novices to professionals) who seek positive direction so that they can achieve their goals without losing their balance in life. He focuses on the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and provides highly individualised, holistic, and positive guidance. His approach is based on his training as a specialised kinesiologist, Cranial Sacral Therapist, personal trainer and bike fitter, as well as his personal experience, including my many years competing in local and international triathlon and his continuing spiritual development.