For Animals


Meet my Teacher, Princess Babylove

On my journey to reconnect with my heart,  I fell in love with Mother Earth again and remembered the deep connection I had with nature and animals as a child. Thanks to our beloved two cats, Babyloves, I studied animal communication and Reiki energy healing. This has profoundly changed my perspective of animals and nature – becoming more humble and open to learning from these wise beings.

As an act of love and with deep gratitude for all that I continually learn from animals, I offer animal communication and Reiki distance healing for animals to those in need (donation based). I hope it will contribute to increasing awareness, closeness, and supporting more loving and joy-filled relationships with your animal friends and indeed all of nature.

What is animal psychic communication?

We all can talk to animals and connect to nature. We did it as children – when we were more connected to our intuition and living in a more present, with a far less restrictive world view – and have just forgotten how.  Psychic communication allows you to connect to the true nature and essence of an animal’s unique personality and soul.

We are all energy and send out electromagnetic waves containing information about ourselves through our thoughts and emotions. Anyone can access this ‘database’ surrounding ourselves through intention. The communication then happens through thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensory experiences. Since it is based on energy, it doesn’t require that the two communicating parties – distance is not an issue in the quantum field.  

There are many benefits to animal communication, as it enhances the knowledge and mutual understanding between animals and their persons, such as

  • supporting an animal through grief and depression
  • understanding behaviour problems and gaining animals cooperation
  • assisting with transitions (including death) and environment changes to support an animal with any anxiety and abandonment fears
  • identifying past issues or traumas which may be affecting the animal
  • identifying symptoms to support vets diagnostic process (I cannot diagnose and this does not replace the need for a vet)

Watch the beautiful story of metamorphisis of Diablo with the help of Anna Breytenbach using animal communication.

What is distance Reiki healing for animals?

Once you know what’s going on with an animal, it’s really wonderful to be able to also offer some energetic healing when appropriate. Reiki is perfect because it is a non-invasive, complementary and alternative healing practice that promotes overall health and well-being. Originating in Japan, Reiki works with the animal or human to facilitate their own healing response. The word “Reiki” is derived from two Japanese words: rei, meaning “spirit”; and ki, meaning “life energy”.

Animals enjoy receiving Reiki and the benefits include helping them to maintain wellbeing and health, aiding with pain management during an illness or post surgery, promoting relaxation and calm state for those with anxiety, separation anxiety or stress (e.g. pre surgery, any changes such as environment), easing the transition into death. NOTE: Reiki is not a substitute for taking a pet to your vet!