Welcome to Be Happy!

Ready for a change? Looking for a life coach?

As Martha Beck certified life coach based in Cape Town, South Africa, I work with men and women across the globe on a variety of life’s challenges: 

I can help you listen to your Heart Song and rise above your fears to make new choices towards a happier life.

Life Skills Coach

Hi! I’m Kerstin Waddell. Be Happy clients learn how to reconnect with their inner wisdom, by applying a variety of life coaching tools, helping them to create a more delicious and happy life – and ultimately becoming their own life coach.

Not in Cape Town? Not a problem, I coach people in person and over Skype.

Kerstin Waddell is not a licensed health professional and you will not be able to claim coaching session fees back from your medical aid. Kerstin adheres to the code of ethics for Martha Beck life coaches.Qualifications verified

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